photo credit:    Russel Smith

photo credit: Russel Smith


I create high-quality, travel-orientated photographic and written content from within Africa and its islands. This incorporates adventures, landscapes and bucket-list experiences both great and small. That feeling when your heart swells and sings with elation? That’s what I seek. I’m completely enamoured with, and humbled by, the beauty that life so casually throws at you.

Besides travel writing and photography, I photograph lodges. The lodges that I work with are in incredible locations, have inspiring designs and, ideally, strong environmental and social ethics. It’s been a pleasure working with organisations that care.

I want my images to showcase and spread the stories that I believe in. My photographic style tends towards natural and editorial, clean and atmospheric. I get so excited about good light, and love including flares and warmth in signature shots.


Born in Durban, I completed a BCOM in Marketing through UNISA and subsequently joined a commercial photographic company. I decided that travel was where I wanted to be involved, and luckily this decision coincided with a job opening at Getaway , South Africa’s oldest travel magazine.

Over four years as the Photo Editor I photographed and wrote about off-the-grid campsites, pilgrimages, new adventures and upmarket lodges. Working here was challenging, formative, and a complete blessing. I have extensive experience working under pressured situations and delivering results. One of my favourite job elements was curating and judging the Getaway Gallery, and I later on featured as a guest photo judge for the 2017 National Geographic Traveller UK competition. 

One of my greatest joys is travel through wilderness areas; the more obscure the better. Multi-day hiking, 4x4 trips and horse riding? Yes please. You'll find more about the latter at Cross the Lands, my website dedicated purely to horse travel around the world. 


The travel images on this website are available for editorial commission. 

Have a specific destination or angle in mind? Email me for more image options.