Liska & Rowan


Eden Lassie | 9 December 2016

'Tell Liska too take as long as she needs. I'll wait for her'. 

These were Rowan's parting words as I left the men getting ready,  passing jokes over the pool table and pouring whisky into tumblers. The day was wet and grey and before I squelched my way back to the car I assured Rowan that I would pass on his message. 

Liska's father had passed on earlier in the year. 'It will be an emotional day,' she'd forwarned me a few months prior. And it was- but is the most heartfelt, wholesome way possible. He was mentioned in speeches and in candles lit, in the poem he had written for Liska which she bravely read out during her speech. Everyone pushed on, acknowledging his absence yet not overshadowing what this day was about- Rowan and Liska, committing their lives to each other's sides. 

And she was a bit late, as often happens on these busy days. Rowan waited at the alter with a letter that Liska had sent a few minutes earlier, eyes glued to the entrance to the church. After a slow few minutes, her car pulled up through the mist and a beaming bride stepped out.  When she came into view and walked onto the aisle his smile matched hers. 

It was a lovely day. The venue, in its abundant garden setting, was decorated beautifully and filled with fairy lights. . The rain (that's good luck!) slid off the day's proceedings with virtually no impact, people got fully into the celebrations and good food. From our previous meetings it felt like I was attending the wedding of friends. 

Liska and Rowan, you two are such a wonderful, well-matched couple. I'm glad our paths have crossed in the past years and I've had a small insight into your supportive, loving family. I wish you all the best for your future together. Thanks for choosing me to be your photographer on this important day. 

Venue: Eden Lassie -