SAFARI WEBSITE and social media updates

In this exciting and successful collaboration with The Wild Co, images are given their maximum marketing benefit both during and after the photoshoot.

The very-talented Emma Finney of The Wild Co redesigns and updates websites, either from scratch or by working within your existing templates, to breath life into brands and provide necessary SEO and user-friendliness adjustments. In addition to website revamps, The Wild Co handles brand strategy and social media.

Combined services range from our Social Media Booster package (which has seen resounding stats - our latest client received a 3000% increase in likes, 2000% increase in impressions, 300% increase in profile visits and 200% increase in website visitors) through to full-scale brand reinventions, with fresh photos and video across all of your lodge architecture and activities, along with necessary website and social media updates.

You’ll find more about Emma’s services and our Social Media booster package by following the link below:

Writing and advertorials

One of the benefits of having worked previously for a travel magazine is the extensive practise one gets at writing engaging, informative travel pieces of varying lengths. After visiting a lodge or area, I have the necessary insider knowledge to write up accurate and honest advertorials that strike a balance between narrative and site description, charged at the standard industry rate of R3.50 per word. Seeing as I have likely already visited your lodge and have a selection of updated images on hand, I can then submit these along with text to create a harmonious editorial package to your specified publication.

While I do write up travel stories, these are on an inspiration-only basis largely dependent on: how much time was spent at a destination, whether the experiences were new or unique offerings, and the type of audience that they would appeal to. Travel editorials are done at no cost to you.

Thank you for sharing your great talent with us! We are so grateful for the beautiful way you knit the story together of who we are.
— Sue Garratt, The Dulini Collection for FOUR magazine
I think this is lovely! It builds credibility & says so much. Yay! Well done on that turnaround time!
— Ann Reilly, Big Game Parks for HQ magazine


I love creating photo albums using images that I have taken. I partner with Colour Chrome in Durban to produce high-quality, professional photo albums that can be used for trade shows, to document a specific event, or as coffee table books for your lodge. For a variety of imagery and lighting conditions, I need to spend enough time with you. This also lets me get to know you better, so that any text that I include is personal to you and inspired by my experience. My design style is clean and minimal, with large image display. The photo albums look epic printed large - 30 x 40cm is a showstopper - and are classic yet command attention, with premium quality paper and print. Photo books are smaller in design and cost, better suited as guest purchases and momentos.

Tea, the photo album is amazing!! It is the perfect size, and the double-pages that spread flat for panoramic shots are unbelievable. It will be a great marketing tool for Fred at the shows - you can be so proud of what you have done!
— Ant Baber, The Ant Collection
Thank you for the photo book Teags!! You have done such a brilliant creation of photos and combining them in the book! The guests are going to love it - I think you must do 18 copies if you haven’t ordered them already!
— Ant Baber, The Ant Collection