I've done a fair amount of work in Namibia, and Iā€™d go s far as say that my time here has changed the course of my life. The scale of land, devoid of humanity, and the total disconnect from reality and distractions allows for a mental reset. The drabness of endless plains that transforms with pink and blue hues at the start and end of each day. Purple mountains that float above calcrete, and the clear, star-filled sky at night. Namibia is a special place, and I'm not alone in thinking that.  


Just the best thing you could possible do. 5 days, 90kms, seven friends and one immense canyon to walk through. Days are spent walking and talking, nights are spent around a campfire with open camping. Clean water is important. Provitas and cheese tastes sensational. Long days and heavy backpacks make you tired enough to drop down and never want to get up. The continuous cycle of exercise, natural beauty and good humour make everything outside of the canyon walls a distant reality. And when you finish, that ice cold beer waiting at Ais Ais campsite tastes heavenly.