I travelled with travel writer and columnist Darrel Bristow-Bovey to photograph a different story on gorillas; a story that people hadn't read before, and one that would move them. This trip involved us hiking up into the Volcanoes National Park in the northern corner of Rwanda, trekking our way into stinging-nettle infused bush and coming shoulder to shoulder with these intimidating, inspiring creatures. Taken on assignment for Getaway, published December 2015. (PDF)


Left to my own devices for a week, with only a basic brief: capture a portfolio of images that show life in this capital city. It started off with my first (nervous) climb onto the back of a taxi-moto (scooter taxi), google maps clutched in hand, and ended off with me whizzing through different sections of this sprawling, colourful city tracking down views for sunset and elusive milk-bars. A beautiful place with a tortured past, people with an indescribable strength to move on and past hurts that haven't been addressed. Taken on assignment for  Getaway, published February 2016.