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Hi, and thank you for visiting my site. I am a freelance lodge photographer and travel photojournalist based in Cape Town. I aim to produce high-quality, travel-orientated visual and written content about Africa and its islands.

Wilderness spaces and authentic experiences energise and inspire me to create, and I’m fortunate to work with divine lodges and concessions that respect their people, and pay specific attention to their conservation and environmental impact.

I want my work to spread awareness of their stories and support marketing efforts, to showcase their realities in an honest and appealing way - and ultimately, to encourage potential guests to visit and experience it for themselves.

I’m a firm believer in finding congruency and synchronicity with the people that I work with, and fostering relationships rather than once-off visits.

As such, most of my clients are on a repeat basis - and that’s what works for me.

I care about your story and your people and can’t help but find myself drawn into your lives. Spending time out in the field means we often get to know each other in a variety of situations, be it around a fire, stressed out as we nail the perfect drone shot, or toasting the end of a good day’s work together around the dinner table. This resonance is not something that I can simply switch off upon my departure, and I will always do my best to ensure that you’re happy with my services post-travel, and assist in supporting you along your journey.

My background

Born in Durban, I completed a BCOM in Marketing through UNISA and subsequently joined a commercial photographic company. I decided that travel was where I wanted to be involved, and luckily this decision coincided with a job opening at Getaway , South Africa’s oldest travel magazine. Over four years as the Photo Editor I photographed and wrote about off-the-grid campsites, pilgrimages, new adventures and upmarket lodges. Working there was challenging, formative, and a complete blessing.

I’m all about remote landscapes, camping, hiking and horse riding - especially over multi-day journeys. Horse safaris, and the people behind them, have been very good to me. These fulfilling journeys will be a life-long pursuit.

You'll find more about the latter at

Cross the Lands

my website dedicated purely to horse travel around the world. 


We all had a great time looking through the shots, you have captured it brilliantly…how smelly is that seal colony…! It brought back a lot of memories for those that have been there, and a lot of oohs and aahs from everybody from our copyrighters to designers! Great wildlife shots mixed in with activities and so scenic... We loved the magazine-styled pool-shots too! So glad that you actually made it and had the time to create these lovely images for WS. Love how beautifully polished they are – THANK YOU!
— Caroline Culbert, Wilderness Safaris for Hoanib Skeleton Camp
I have just gotten home and have had time to go through the photos you sent! I can imagine the time it has taken you to whittle all those photographs down to 800 amazing, stunning photos! I know I have thanked you before, but Tea you have created something amazing for Ants, and I’m so grateful to you for your amazing eye and brilliant skill. I so enjoyed having you up here and showing you our patch of the bushveld!
— Ant Baber, The Ant Collection
Thanks Teagan - awesome images! Caro and Gemma please use as much as possible on Instagram over the next week.
— Brett Thomson, Sun Destinations
Just seen the Xaxaba images - they are superb - well done!
— Brett Thomson, Sun Destinations


or via info@teagancunniffe.com || 0027 65 878 7990

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